Podcast: Warner's advice to Hanie

Kurt Warner joined "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 and touched on a number of subjects, including how Caleb Hanie should handle his new starting role.

"I think what's made this team so good the last five games -- yeah their defense is playing well, and yes they have the x-factor with Matt Forte -- but what's made them so good is Jay Cutler and his ability to throw down the field and make the big play down the field, even with some of the issues up front. That to me is going to be the big question. I think their defense is going to be there and they're going to get the ball to Matt as much as they can, but can Caleb Hanie make some of those big plays that Jay's been making, because I still think they have some issues in their front line. They've covered it up with some different protection and with what Jay's been doing and getting the ball to Forte more, but they're still there. It's going to be interesting to see if Hanie can make some of those big plays.

"When I was playing and I was in mike Martz's system, I had so many great playmakers around me. When I first went in I realized I don' have to do everything. That was key for me, was to hand the ball to Marshall Faulk, when things weren't looking good down the field, dump it off to Marshall. I had great playmakers around me, I think that's the biggest thing when you come in. You can't come and and say 'Alright I've got to be the next so and so and I have to do everything Jay's been doing the stretch. I'm not there yet.' You have to trust in those guys around you. Trust that defense that's been playing so well.

"When things don't look so good down the field, don't force anything. Drop it off to that guy you have in the backfield that can make as many big plays as anybody on the field. That becomes the key. But I think sometimes you step into that role and feel pressure of saying 'I have to pick up where this guy left off.' And usually when you do that, it's tough for a young guy to make those plays."

Kurt Warner on "Waddle & Silvy."

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