Cutler discusses OL, Alshon and more

Alshon Jeffery has impressed Jay Cutler with a variety of skills. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler stopped by ESPN 1000's "Cadillac State Street Studio" on Tuesday and discussed a wide variety of topics on "The Waddle & Silvy Show."

Preseason surprises

Lot of weapons. On paper, you look at our guys on the outside, and they look good. There's so many weapons, and guys that can make plays for you, and make big plays. We have to be able to spread the ball out.

Alshon Jeffery I think is better than we expected ... down the line we have guys who can flat out play football. We knew he had great hands. That was the thing on him, he catches everything, and he did. He's a natural catcher. Big net, you can put it anywhere and he's going to snag it. I think the way he's able to get out of routes, the way he's naturally able to beat press, I think his speed is probably a little bit underrated, he can go get the ball. His jumping ability, being able to time balls and go up and get balls, that's just a natural attribute. A lot of guys have trouble attacking that high point and he does it really well.

Will the presence of Brandon Marshall help Jeffery?

We don't have to push Alshon out there and say 'You have to do this, you have to do that, you have to catch X amount of balls, you have to get so many yards, we're counting on you to do this.' He can kind of naturally fit in where he fits in and let Brandon carry the heavy load.

How has the offensive line come along?

Good. I thought they had a good preseason. Went to the Giants game, and we had some bad memories there, but they stepped up to the plate and protected me well. Going into it, I think everyone feels good.

Has J'Marcus Webb won the left tackle spot or are there issues that need to be ironed out?

I think everyone has issues they need to iron out. We're not a complete product from myself all the way to the 53rd man on the roster. But he's competed hard, he's played hard, he's taken it seriously and he should be ready to go.

Are there concerns about the run game based on preseason performances?

We have the same guys from the offensive line, we're doing a lot of the same runs and we have Matt Forte back there. So it's going to come. I think with Mike Tice and myself and the receivers we really wanted to work on the passing game. We really wanted to get that hammered home. Get the receivers and everyone on the same page. That generally takes a little more time than the running game, to get that hammered out. We're going to have to run the ball. We know that. We have to get Matt going early and often.

How has Marshall changed from Denver days?

He was really raw whenever we were in Denver. He was making plays that he wasn't supposed to make. Running routes that he wasn't supposed to run and just making it work. Now he's a lot more polished. He still has that ability to take it and score from anywhere on the field. If you can get into Brandon's head, every time no matter if it's a hitch, a slant, a go, he thinks in his head that he's going to score. That's what I love about him.

Will he have another 1,000-yard season?

I think that's a little bit unfair. He's going to get balls. We're going to throw the ball at him. That's definite. But if I'm a defensive coordinator I'm going to try to take Brandon Marshall out of the game. I'm just going to take him out, I'm going to try to contain Matt Forte and make other guys beat me.

Fans are excited about you being able to audible

We're going to have the ability to do some stuff. (Marshall's) touchdown against the Giants, that was a different route, we checked that route too. He's going to make some plays for us. We're going to check out of some stuff. Hopefully we're not going to check out of much, but there will be times when we want something different.

Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman and Julius Peppers made the Pro Bowl and are over 30

All four of them can go to a Pro Bowl again. If Lach stays healthy 16 game he's in the Pro Bowl again -- guaranteed. Lance Briggs stays healthy, he's in the Pro Bowl again. I don't think he'd go out there if he wasn't ready. I know he wants to be out there .. Lach, if anyone knows the importance of November, December football, and knowing what it's like being there whenever we're making playoff pushes, he's smart about it and if he says he's good to go, he's good to go.

How has fatherhood been?

It's life changing. Having that responsibility definitely changes your priorities. I've been gone a lot, though, so I think a lot of it has been heavy on Kristin. She's done an unbelievable job. I don't think you know exactly what you're getting into until you get home from the hospital and it's bam, there's no instruction manual, there's no taking it back. They tell you you're tired, you don't sleep, he wakes up at all hours, and you're like 'OK, I've stayed up all night before, I got up in the middle of the night, I'll be fine.' But it's a different animal. It's still fun. Kristin has definitely done more than my share, and she's been great at it. It's definitely challenging.