Cutler says he still has faith in LT Webb

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Despite hitting somewhat of a rough patch in their relationship on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler maintains faith in the ability of left tackle J’Marcus Webb to protect his blind side.

There seems to be no other choice.

“Have to, have to (have faith in Webb),” Cutler said. “For me to be successful at my job, I’ve got to have faith in him, and I’ve got to believe each week that he’s going to do his part, and it’s going to allow me to do mine.”

Explained by the quarterback as an attempt to motivate Webb, Cutler was caught on camera berating and eventually bumping into the offensive tackle during an exchange near Chicago’s sideline. On his radio program “The Jay Cutler Show” on ESPN 1000, Cutler said Tuesday that he’s already discussed the matter with the staff and the offensive linemen.

The team now wants to put that incident and the loss in the past, with Cutler calling it “a dead issue.”

Webb gave up two sacks and two more pressures against the Packers. Despite maintaining his starting job heading into Sunday’s game against St. Louis, the third-year veteran is down to his last chance at remaining a starter, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Cutler, meanwhile, hopes the rough outing at Green Bay develops into a defining moment for the Bears.

“You want this to happen early in the season rather than late, definitely,” Cutler said. “You want this to be a hurdle you cross early in the year when it’s not as detrimental to your team, and you can fix it early and move on and grow together. This offense is still young. We’re still a lot of moving parts that are learning and trying to figure out each other and the relationships, and how to communicate within the week and during the game. The sky is not falling quite yet.”