Bears: Rams talked a lot, but nothing dirty

The Bears heard plenty of "yapping" from the Rams, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bears described the St. Louis Rams as a talkative bunch on Sunday, but they didn’t notice any dirty play a week after Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III accused the Rams of being dirty.

“They definitely play to the whistle, I'll give them that,” Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said during Fox's postgame show in Chicago. “They play hard to the whistle every time. Today wasn't that bad. There are some things on film you see, but today didn't seem that bad. There was a little bit of yapping, but that's going to happen every game.”

Bears offensive lineman Chilo Rachal agreed.

“They talk a lot, extremely a lot,” Rachal said. "Me in my position, I feel it’s unnecessary. Everybody is a competitor. When you’re losing, I guess you feel the need to talk much. I think that’s their game plan. They’ve been doing it since Game 1. That’s what we hear. The Redskins said they played dirty. I think that’s their game plan to get in guys’ heads. It’s dumb. It’s foolish.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call them dirty. Because I’m on the line, I don’t get to see everything. I just think they talk a lot of trash, but as far as dirty, I didn’t get to really see any of that."

Bears running back Michael Bush said the Rams’ trash-talking wasn’t too effective.

“You just look at them, and they’ll shut up the next time they’re back,” Bush said. “That’s the game. If you don’t get caught up in it, it’ll be fine.”

In last week’s loss to the Rams, Griffin III thought the Rams were unprofessional in their behavior and hit him after plays. Griffin was sacked once and knocked down several times in the game.

The Rams sacked Bears quarterback Jay Cutler twice on Sunday, were called once for roughing the kicker on a punt and once for roughing the quarterback.