Hester: We love Jay because of his fire

Brandon Marshall believes Jay Cutler is a lightning rod because he's not like other QBs. AP Photo/LM Otero

Devin Hester said Tuesday that the Chicago Bears love Jay Cutler because of his fire while Brandon Marshall has a theory as to why Cutler is so acutely analyzed.

"I think Jay is the best quarterback that's going to fit our team," Hester said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show." "He's an emotional quarterback, and when you have a quarterback like that, that's willing to do whatever it takes to win, you get emotional. And that's just the nature of the beast, when you have a guy who's willing and has a passion for the love of the game, you're going to get emotional at times and you're going to flare up every now and then.

"If you get a quarterback who doesn't flare up and is always calm and laid back, you start second guessing yourself about that guy, maybe he doesn't really have the love or passion for the game. We love him because he has that fire, that fire mentality in him. He's calm at times, but when things are going wrong ... sometimes you need someone to step up and get in somebody's face and let him know when you're not doing good, you're not doing good."

Cutler has been criticized since he arrived in Chicago in 2009 for his demeanor, including his body language, yelling at teammates and most recently appearing to shun offensive coordinator Mike Tice during Monday night's win over the Dallas Cowboys. Hester said it's over-analyzation because it happens all over the league, but Marshall -- who played with Cutler in Denver -- has a theory why it's happening so much in Chicago.

"No I'm not (surprised)," Marshall said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show. "There are two reasons why. One, we're in Chicago, (which is) what, the second-biggest sports market in America. And two, (Cutler) doesn't look like your typical quarterback.

"When you look at Tom Brady, the way he does things, or Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, it's on the total other end of the spectrum. So people aren't used to the way Jay conducts himself and does things, and he catches a lot of heat for that. I think we all will change some things and you want to be better at some things, but the way Jay is on and off the field is totally different than any quarterback I've ever been around, and that's why I respect him because he sticks true to himself. He doesn't get outside of himself, and he leads with a lot of passion, a lot of fire and I love it. Jay is one of our leaders, and a guy we all look up to and lean on, and without him this thing wouldn't go very far."