Tice wants Carimi to eliminate mental errors

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice weighed in Tuesday on the struggles experienced by right tackle Gabe Carimi, saying he can deal with the second-year man surrendering a sack here or there but “can’t handle” mental mistakes such as false-start penalties.

“The glaring plays, the real critical ones that he had are going to stand out,” Tice said. “But when you look at his overall body of work, he was extremely physical (against the Jaguars) and did a lot of great things in that football game. He had the (holding) penalty, two offsides and a sack. You can’t have those things, but he’s a smart player.”

Carimi gave up the only sack of Jay Cutler in the club’s win over the Jags, and was called for two false-start penalties during a drive in which the Bears settled for a field goal after moving from the Jacksonville 3 to the 13 because of the right tackle’s penalties.

“He works his trade every day,” Tice said. “It’s not always going to look pretty, what he does, and that’s why we have him on the right side. He gives us everything he has every play and that’s when some of those things are going to happen.”

Entering last Sunday’s game, Carimi had given up two sacks, three quarterback hits and 13 pressures. Through five games, Carimi has been flagged six times.

“The offsides penalties, I can’t handle,” Tice said. “Once in a while you’re going to get a holding call and you’re going to give up a sack. But the offsides, he’s got to eliminate.”