Cutler Show: Jay to rock Movember 'stache

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said Monday he'll join his co-hosts of ESPN 1000's "The Jay Cutler Show" and grow a moustache during November to raise money and awareness to fight cancer and other health issues.

"This is going down," Cutler said in front of a packed house at Joe's on Weed.

The deal is for Cutler, Marc Silverman and Tom Waddle to grow moustaches from Nov. 12-Nov. 30 as part of the "Movember" (moustache plus November) campaign.

"I did a trial run on Friday, and it's not pretty," Cutler said. "(Fiancee Kristin Cavallari) didn't even notice by two hours. I'm in like fourth place, we have two dogs (and a newborn son). It got nothing for a couple of hours.

"I didn't like (the look of) it. It was bad."

Cutler admitted that he initially tried to get out of the deal by saying he had to check with Cavallari, but she tweeted "The Waddle & Silvy Show" to say it was all Cutler's decision.

November is also an awareness month for diabetes, which is a disease that afflicts Cutler, who raises money for research.

Cutler was asked how will he feel if he steps to the podium in November after a tough game and the moustache is blamed.

"I guess it's better than most of the things that are said, so I'll take it," Cutler quipped.

Cutler said one of the reasons he agreed to grow the moustache was to force the hand of Waddle, who so far has refused to commit.