Celebration came too early on Hester return

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- The Chicago Bears got flagged for premature celebration after special teams coordinator Dave Toub reviewed the film of Devin Hester's 44-yard first quarter punt return in the team's 51-20 win on Sunday in Tennessee.

Hester fielded the ball near midfield and looked as if he had daylight to score but got tackled short of the end zone on the Titans' 8-yard line.

"It was a nice return," Toub said. "It was nice to see him plant a foot and burst and split the two cover guys like he did, and we've seen him do so many times before. It was good to see that. We just have to get him in the end zone.

"We talked about celebrating too early. We had Geno (Hayes) had his arm up in the air before he was in the end zone. Next time we're going to get him in the end zone, and they'll be a lot of time to celebrate after that."