Cutler: Maybe Carimi is a guard

Gabe Carimi went from benched to sorely needed in the span of two quarters on Sunday, and quarterback Jay Cutler wonders if the former starting right tackle might have found a home at right guard.

Following the Bears' debacle against the San Francisco 49ers in which they gave up six sacks, Carimi was replaced at right tackle by Jonathan Scott and Chilo Rachal lost his left guard spot to Chris Spencer.

But the Bears lost Spencer in the first half with a knee sprain and then Lance Louis at the start of the second half when the Vikings' Jared Allen leveled him with a block following a Cutler interception.

Carimi, a first-round pick at tackle, was pressed into duty at right guard. And judging by the fact that he didn't see much of Allen and Co. all day, Cutler said Carimi and the line turned in a solid effort in the Bears' 28-10 victory.

"Maybe we're on to something. Maybe he's a guard. I don't know," Cutler said Monday on "The Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000. "I know he's a guy who took the demotion really personally. He was hurt by it. He wants to be in there. He cares about his performance. He's hungry. Maybe him coming in at guard is going to be a blessing in disguise for him."

In addition to getting rid of the ball quickly, Cutler said the backs were chipping Allen for most of the game. The plan worked because Cutler was sacked just once in the 34 times (31 pass attempts, three rushes) he dropped back to pass.

"I think (Allen) is a little bit different player on grass outside than he is indoors in that dome," Cutler said. "You get him in that dome in Minnesota and he comes off the rock flying. It's loud in there. We threw at least two, three guys at him every play. We were chipping him every chance we got; I don't think we had many dropbacks without two guys chipping him at some point."