Melton-Raiola feud quiet on Sunday

DETROIT -- Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton said there was no fallout on Sunday over the comments he made leading up to the game when he called Detroit Lions veteran center Dominic Raiola “old” and “dirty.”

Raiola responded to Melton’s verbal jabs the next day when he called the defensive tackle “a clown” and wondered why Melton had been named to his first-ever Pro Bowl.

“I don’t think we said anything to each other,” Melton said. “I think we had a couple of stare downs, that was about it.

“We started off a little hot on them. There wasn’t much said. You can’t really say much when you are losing. It was just fun. If you are going to say something you better back it up and I think we did that today. We had a lot of turnovers. Didn’t get the stops when we wanted to and we needed it… we did get the stop there at the end but we let some points slip away there that we shouldn’t have.”

Melton returned from a two-week absence to record a pair of tackles and recover a fumble that was later overturned by the officials.