Communication key for Marshall, Trestman

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Bears coach Marc Trestman indicated Monday that he and the team’s medical staff will stay in constant communication with receiver Brandon Marshall regarding his conditioning level and recovery from offseason arthroscopic hip surgery.

Although Marshall has expressed frustration about his recovery process on multiple occasions, Trestman said the receiver hasn’t vocalized that behind closed doors or shown any indication at practices.

“I don’t see [Marshall showing frustration about his recovery] at practice because he’s working hard. He’s running full speed, and maybe working through it in his mind,” Trestman said. “So we have to communicate. We have to make sure we’re not gonna do anything to hurt him. We’re not trying to do that. We want to make sure he’s able to go at full speed every play that he can be in there for.”

Asked whether Marshall is frustrated, Trestman said: “We don’t see it. I don’t see it in the meetings. I saw him very attentive in meetings. Again, he worked very hard out in practice. We didn’t rep him every play. But the plays he was in there, he went hard and looked good.”

Bears general manager Phil Emery declined to predict whether Marshall’s hip issues might creep up sometime during the regular season. Based on watching practices and Marshall’s limited action in the preseason, Emery said he believes the receiver is a better player now than he was last season.

“The athlete I see, the player I see, the competitor I know he is, I expect him to be ready to go against the Bengals. Each game plays out after that,” Emery said. “This is a tough, physical game. People get bruised up. Sometimes they get stiff. So I can’t predict that. But I will say for this game I expect Brandon Marshall to be ready to go. I believe he’s excited and ready to go.”

Marshall articulated as much in explaining how in 2013, his record-breaking 118-catch season from a year ago means nothing with the team set to start Week 1 of the season.

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, whether Year 1 or Year 7 in your career, All-Pro, big contract, Pro Bowls, none of that stuff matters for the next year. So I’m excited to have a clean slate to work towards greatness with my teammates,” Marshall said. “I think we have something special going on here.”