Marshall: I disrespected Ike Taylor in '10

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall felt he ‘disrespected’ veteran Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor when the two squared off during in the 2010 regular season, but promises not to overlook the 11-year veteran defensive back on Sunday night.

“He’s one of the best in the business,” Marshall said. “It seems like he’s getting better as he ages. I remember a few years ago playing against him in Miami. I disrespected him a little bit. I didn’t do my film study and I got out there and he did some things that really put me in a tough spot. So I’ve been going back to my Denver days and my Miami days just watching him and seeing how he played me, watching a lot of film because I have a lot of respect for this guy and no longer will I overlook him.”

The game in question occurred on October 24, 2010 when Taylor limited Marshall to five catches for 57 yards in the Steelers’ victory against the Dolphins.

Taylor probably isn’t a household name out of Pittsburgh, but the cornerback has been a regular starter for the Steelers since 2005 and played in 135 consecutive games before he suffered a season-ending injury late in 2012.

“You know what, he’s a technician,” Marshall said. “He’s smart. He’s always in the right spot. Sometimes we think it’s all about having supernatural ability. But it’s not. Sometimes when you have your technique down and you really know your game plan and you know what you’re supposed to do, that’s better than having a guy that’s all-world.”

The Steelers’ problems on offense have been well-documented, but their defense is still ranked No. 10 overall after two weeks.

“It’s similar to our defense,” Marshall said. “Different schemes, but you have guys who've been in the same system for 10 years, made a few runs. So whenever you have guys who really know the system, it just makes it so much harder on opposing offenses because they’re really the pitcher sometimes and not the batter. So as an offense, my philosophy is you always want to control the game. But this is going to be an all-day sucker.”

Marshall failed to finish practice on Thursday because of a tight back, but the Pro Bowler gave every indication that he expected to play in Week 3. Marshall was born in Pittsburgh (he moved to Florida in the 5th grade) and remained a die-hard Steelers’ fan right up until the Broncos drafted him in the fourth-round of the 2006 draft.

“That was my team,” Marshall explained. “I was cheering for the Steelers all the way up until I got drafted. The year I got drafted the Broncos and the Steelers played in the AFC championship and I remember watching that game in my dorm room with my Steelers blanket cheering for the Steelers and we went on to go to the Super Bowl.

The next year I got drafted to the Broncos and I was like, ‘Oh sorry guys.’"