Jay Cutler impressed that Bears fans took over Georgia Dome

Chicago Bears fans posted pictures on Twitter in the hours after the club's 27-13 win at Atlanta, with many claiming the pro-Bears crowd took over the Georgia Dome.

Quarterback Jay Cutler apparently agreed with that assessment, and said cheers from Bears fans in the Georgia Dome were disruptive enough to force the Atlanta Falcons' offense to operate using a silent count.

Cutler, who passed for 381 yards and a touchdown, said both teams were forced to execute with silent snap counts. While that's common for away teams, it's not a common occurrence for clubs playing at home.

"I forgot to mention it yesterday in the press conference," Cutler said Monday during the "Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN 1000. "I'm almost positive that we had more Bears fans than Falcons fans there. I'm serious. Atlanta was in silent count. We were both on silent [count]. They were in silent count like [in the] second quarter. I saw [Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan] him kicking. I was like, 'What the hell is he doing?' Then I realized it's loud in here."

In the streets of downtown Atlanta and in many of the hotels -- which were hosting numerous events -- people walking around in Bears gear certainly seemed to outnumber Falcons fans the day before the game. That also seemed to be the case on the streets and in the vicinity of the Georgia Dome on Sunday in the hours leading up to the game.

Cutler was impressed by the support from Chicago's fans, but not surprised. During road games at Dallas, Jacksonville and Tennessee in recent years, Bears fans showed up in droves, and their cheers and chants could be heard pretty prominently.

"It's always surprising, but at the end of the day it's not that surprising because it happens week in, week out when we're on the road," Cutler said. "The fans travel so well. Whenever you can put a home offense in a silent count with the away crowd, that's pretty impressive."