Marc Trestman: 'Locker room in a good place'

It’s around lunch time, but there’s never a bad time to chew on a few links.

Here’s a quick spin around the Chicago Bears beat:

- Chicago Tribune columnist David Haugh says Bears coach Marc Trestman is oblivious to reality, and makes several salient points in this piece. Besides, if you’re a fan of strong writing, Haugh throws some nice zingers in this one. Check it out, it’s a good read.

Haugh writes: A most considerate man, Marc Trestman surely meant no harm when he insulted the intelligence of every Bears fan and observer Monday at Halas Hall.

But come on, Coach, nobody in town is that football stupid.

"I think this team and this locker room is in a good place at this time," Trestman said the day after the most humiliating loss in recent franchise history to the Packers.

In a good place at this time? Just curious, what would constitute a bad place, 0-9? Trestman reads his team worse than Jay Cutler reads defenses.

- ESPNChicago.com colleague Jeff Dickerson drops his stock watch on you. Warning, this isn’t pretty.

- Chris Chase over at USA Today puts some of Chicago’s historically bad defensive numbers into proper perspective here.

- Ben Strauss at the New York Times does a nice job of capturing local reaction to Chicago’s embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers.

- The Chicago Sun-Times has a nice thing going with its weekly exclusive video with Bears kicker Robbie Gould. In the latest installment, Gould simply tells it how it is.