Jay Cutler on younger teammates: These kids with their phones

BOURBONNIAS, Ill. -- Jay Cutler is in unfamiliar territory.

The 32-year old Chicago Bears quarterback is now a senior statesman on the team, a development Cutler is apparently having a hard time coming to grips with.

"It's tough. It is tough," Cutler said with a smile. "I think kids have changed a lot since whenever I came in in 2006. It's a different animal. These kids with their phones. All the social media, everything they do. They were telling me that they play video games now and they have another screen where people watch them play video games. It's like, I don't understand that. They just watch you play the video game. They're like, 'Yeah, it's awesome.' I don't know anything about this."

Most of the Bears' 2015 rookie class was barely in junior high school when Cutler entered the league with the Denver Broncos.

"You kind of have to get in their world a little bit and get to know them," Cutler said. "If you've got to play a few video games with them while people watch them on the internet, that's what you've got to do."