Brian Urlacher remembers nothing unusual about Patriots' actions in '06

CHICAGO -- Brian Urlacher doesn't remember much of the Bears' 2006 trip to Foxborough, other than being juked by Tom Brady and the amount of turnovers both teams committed, but he has heard rumors of visiting teams taking extra precautions at the team hotel the night before playing at Gillette Stadium.

The former Chicago Bears linebacker said on Tuesday he had no recollection of the Patriots tampering with the visitors' locker room during the Bears' 17-13 loss in Foxborough in November of 2006; a game that turned out to be Urlacher's only regular season trip to New England.

"Nothing would surprise me but I never had that feeling [that New England engaged in unethical behavior before the game] when I went there," Urlacher said on ESPN 1000's "Waddle and Silvy Show."

"I barely remember that game. I just remember we turned it over five times and took it away four times. That's the game I got juked [by Tom Brady]. I just remember losing the game. I don't remember pregame or being worried about what was going on in there."

But Urlacher -- voted to eight Pro Bowls -- does remember hearing unsubstantiated rumors about the need for increased security at visiting teams hotels in the New England area the night before games.

"There are some rumors floating around about the night before in the hotels [in New England] about being careful with your playbooks and be careful what you say; there was some of that stuff going around but it's all hearsay," Urlacher said."