Jinx? Packers 0-3 since Mike Ditka wore Green Bay sweater in commercial

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- At first, Chicago Bears fans were wondering why Mike Ditka would wear a Green Bay Packers sweater in a McDonald's commercial, but now Packers fans must be wondering if there's a jinx associated with the advertisement, as Green Bay is 0-3 since the spot first ran.

“I’ve got a case of the, ‘I don’t give a ...’” Ditka said last week on ESPN 1000’s Mike Ditka Show when the Packers' losing streak was at two games. “And I do have that [attitude] in life now. When you get old, you’re entitled to have that opinion. I don’t give a crap.”

Green Bay's losing streak reached three Sunday with an upset loss to the Lions.

The irony is not lost on Ditka -- the iconic former Bears tight end and head coach who spent much of his Hall of Fame career feuding with the rival Packers.

“No, I didn’t jinx them,” Ditka said. “They haven’t won a game for other reasons, but it’s ironic. They are going to find something to say regardless, good or bad, both Bears and Green Bay fans. It doesn’t matter.”

Ditka, an NFL analyst for ESPN, said Green Bay’s problems run much deeper.

“People are amazing,” Ditka said. “It doesn’t bother me. I’m going to live through this, believe me. I think I’m going to live through. They are a good team. A lot of what they are doing, they are doing with Aaron [Rodgers], and they don’t have all the pieces. It’s not a prolific running attack. They are missing some receivers. And the defense is a good defense but not a great defense.”