Kyle Long: Couldn't see Jay Cutler without Dowell Loggains

CHICAGO -- Chicago Bears Pro Bowl offensive lineman Kyle Long said Thursday he could not envision Jay Cutler being without last year's quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains, whom Chicago promoted to offensive coordinator after Adam Gase left to coach the Miami Dolphins.

"He's [Loggains] somebody that works so well with Jay," Long said. "He's with him every day, all day. I couldn't see Jay Cutler without him, and I couldn't see this offense without him because of his ability to hold guys accountable."

"I couldn't have been happier that was the direction [the team] decided to go in."

In one season under Loggains and Gase, Cutler registered a career-high 92.3 passer-rating. The 32-year old quarterback's 64.4 completion percentage (311-of-483), 2.3 interception percentage and 7.58 passing yards per attempt were all second best of his NFL career. Cutler's 11 interceptions were the fewest in a season in which he appeared in at least 15 games.

Loggains is Cutler's sixth offensive coordinator (Ron Turner, Mike Martz, Mike Tice, Marc Trestman/Aaron Kromer and Gase) since the polarizing quarterback arrived in Chicago in 2009. Gase is Cutler's only ex-offensive coordinator to leave the organization on good terms.

Long thinks Loggains -- a former collegiate quarterback/holder at the University of Arkansas -- has the proper attitude to connect with Cutler and hold players accountable.

"You know I say over and over again that guys on this coaching staff hold you accountable," Long said. "That could have been said with Gase too, but this guy [Loggains] will seek out a little face-to-face with you in order to get the point across. That's what you need sometimes."