After loss to Bucs, it's time for Bears to name Mitchell Trubisky starting QB

TAMPA, Fla. -- It’s time for the Chicago Bears to bench quarterback Mike Glennon and turn the offense over to rookie Mitchell Trubisky for the rest of the season and beyond.

Whatever faith the city of Chicago had left in Glennon evaporated during Sunday’s disastrous first half, when Glennon turned the ball over three times -- including a pick-six -- against his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers team on the way to a 29-7 loss for the Bears.

Glennon is too limited to consistently play well enough to beat quality opponents. Give Glennon credit for almost pulling the rabbit out of the hat late in last week’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, but he came crashing back down to reality Sunday against the Bucs at Raymond James Stadium.

On the verge of watching another season slip away, Bears coach John Fox -- who sports a 9-25 record in Chicago -- must re-energize the team.

Everyone is curious to see what Trubisky can do, especially after the No. 2 overall draft pick’s impressive preseason.

Yes, Trubisky will make mistakes as he learns on the job.

So what?

Trubisky can do what Glennon cannot: extend plays outside the pocket with his feet and make deep, accurate throws down the field. Trubisky is an exciting player to watch. Glennon, unfortunately, is not. Glennon wasn't the only problem Sunday, but he plays the most important position.

Glennon is a hard-working, high-character guy, but running him out there next week at Soldier Field -- in front of a win-deprived fan base -- doesn’t give the Bears the best chance to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Trubisky might not defeat the Steelers, either, but the Bears have to see what he’s capable of.

Forget the notion of protecting Trubisky’s health and psyche. Trubisky is a football player; you can’t seal him up in bubble wrap. And you don’t draft a quarterback No. 2 overall with the plan to redshirt him an entire season behind Glennon and Mark Sanchez. That strategy only works when the guy in front of him is a future Hall of Famer -- think Brett Favre or Drew Brees.

The Bears tried to ease in Trubisky as best they could, but that plan should be out the window.

Make no mistake, these are desperate times. With injuries piling up -- again -- the Bears (0-2) are in danger of missing the playoffs for the seventh straight season.

The Bears can’t wait any longer. The future is now.

Chicago needs a spark.

And Trubisky is the only guy with the potential to provide one.