Bolland's goal a thing of beauty

Lost in an incredible third period explosion by the Chicago Blackhawks, in their 6-3 victory over the Nashville Predators on Sunday, is arguably the best one-on-one scoring move of the Hawks’ season.

Dave Bolland had already tallied once in the game but his second score was a thing of beauty.

Taking a pass from Tomas Kopecky at the Predators blueline he juked and toe-dragged his way around Ryan Suter while finding the hole between goalie Ander Lindback’s legs.

“It was fun,” Bolland said after the game. “It's fun to make those moves for the fans. It was a big goal for us at the time. I think he thought I was taking it to the net and I sort of toe-dragged around him.”

Known for a move or two in his day, teammate Jonathan Toews was mightily impressed.

“I don’t know if I ever can compare something like that,” Toews said smiling. “That was Lemieux-esque if I’ve ever seen anything like it. I thought he had the lane to go to the net and he kind of waited for the guy to dangle him or something. It’s like he sucked him in and tried to make him look bad and [then] finish it off. It’s pretty sweet to see a goal like that."

Amazingly, while the hockey world will watch that one over and over, Bolland says he won’t.

“Probably not. Probably just going to go home and hang out,” he stated.

“You’ll watch it once, right?” he was asked.

“Probably not,” Bolland said.

Brouwer Twice

Troy Brouwer scored twice in 0:40 to tie the game and then give the Hawks the lead.

“I don’t think I’ve done it [scored twice] on the same shift in a very long time,” Brouwer said.

Browuer had a demonstrative celebration after the second goal.

“You’re still pretty hyped up from the first one and when that second one goes in it just adds to the excitement,” Brouwer said. “It was a little bit of a build-up and to have two quick ones like that [with] the electricity in the building, it was just fun.”


The Predators scored a go ahead goal in the third period off a faceoff win after Jake Dowell was kicked out of the circle because the Hawks were late on a line change. The linesmen have the prerogative to make such a move if they think a team is changing slow.

“That hasn’t happened all year so if I would have known they were going to do that I would have lined up at wing so whoever was coming on could have been kicked out and I would have taken it,” Dowell explained.

Tomas Kopecky took the draw instead and promptly lost it. Either way, Toews said it was a rough weekend in the circle.

“That’s another thing,” Toews said. “It was a little frustrating to see how many times our centermen were getting kicked out the last two games. They’re [Nashville] good on draws but I’ve never been kicked out of so many faceoffs all year. That’s a little frustrating when you can’t get an understanding of what you’re allowed to do when the other guys is cheating and you think he’s getting away with something. It goes to show you it’s a pretty big part of the game.”

Trotz ticked off

Toews wasn’t the only one unhappy with the zebras. Predators coach Barry Trotz thought the Hawks winning goal should have been a Hawks penalty instead.

“Really what changed it on our end was the fourth goal,” Trotz said. “Kane came over and picked [Ryan] Suter, and we were getting the penalty and we could have been on the power-play. Missed call. I looked at it and it was obvious that it was a missed call. I don’t know if we end up winning the game, but that definitely turned the game for the Hawks.”


• Toews scored his 100th career goal with his 17th of the season in the third period. He was able to retrieve the puck.

Brian Campbell earned a plus-3 rating and his currently plus-23 for the season. That ranks third in the entire NHL.

• Dave Bolland has a four game point streak earning six points over that span.