Hawks glad to celebrate with Bolland

Here are some news, notes and opinions on the day off between Games 4 and 5 in the Chicago Blackhawks/Vancouver Canucks playoff series.

• Dave Bolland’s story has become well documented. No less than five local and national columns were written about him in the aftermath of his four-point night in Game 4. That’s not counting anything the Vancouver press had to say about him as well. It wasn’t long ago he was feeling the terrible effects of his concussion but his hard work and perseverance paid off in the 7-2 win on Tuesday.

“[Bolland] doesn’t celebrate too much, he’s kind of even keeled,” Brian Campbell said Wednesday of the private moments in the locker room after the win. “What it gives back when you win a game, how that great feeling is for you and your teammates. It’s good to have that feeling in our locker room for the first time.”

• Moving back to his more comfortable position at wing, Michael Frolik excelled in Game 4 alongside Bolland. Frolik had a goal and two assists, getting his first taste of the NHL playoffs.

“It’s so different than it was in Florida,” Frolik said. “We said in the room we have to play for the fans and that’s what we did. We have nothing to lose now.”

When asked about Frolik’s big night on offense, Joel Quenneville went another direction, giving insight to why he’s next to Bolland on the third line.

“His anticipation, his positioning, he seems like defensively he’s always around the puck,” Quenneville said. “He kept himself in the play and he does the smart thing. In the past he’s been known as a scorer and an offensive guy [but] I think eventually the defensive part, he’ll eventually get his turn on offense because he has that in his game.”

In other words, Frolik is turning defense into offense which is exactly Bolland’s game as well.

“I didn’t really notice it until I watched the game again last night,” Patrick Sharp said. “The speed that he had, he created a lot of those goals. A very under rated game from Frolik.”

• Quenneville made more than a point of defending his decision to replace Brent Seabrook with John Scott on the blue line. The Hawks’ coach rarely acknowledges media or fan talk surrounding the team, but when it came to Scott, he jumped at the chance.

“I think a lot of people rolled their eyes yesterday morning when we announced he was likely on the back end but at the same time we played five big games down the stretch with John Scott on the back end and he played meaningful minutes,” Quenneville said.

Scott is under rated because he’s slow at everything he does, but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing it the right way.

“He’s got a purpose to his game,” Quenneville said. “He’s not just a one-dimensional player. His positioning and his thought process is good. I think defensively he puts himself in a good spot.”

Quenneville didn’t rule out Scott remaining in the lineup even if Seabrook returns.


• Despite playing in just his first game of the series, Bolland’s four-point night in Game 4 tied him for the team lead in playoff points with Patrick Kane and Michael Frolik.

• Brian Campbell was minus-4 in the first three games, he’s an even player after earning a plus-4 in Game 4. Three other Hawks, including Frolik, Bickell and Niklas Hjalmarsson moved from minus to plus ratings after Game 4.