Kane vs. Carcillo: The clash of the stache

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The challenge has been made and accepted. By the end of the November the winner will be determined.

Chicago Blackhawks’ forwards Dan Carcillo and Patrick Kane will compete in a mustache growing contest with each other as part of “Movember,” a yearly event where athletes grow mustaches for men’s health and cancer awareness/fundraising.

“I’m going to try,” Kane said Wednesday. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it but Ill attempt it.”

Carcillo is the heavy favorite considering Kane’s age and youthful appearance.

“I told him to even the playing field I would ‘just for men” mine blond and/or red, like his,” Carcillo joked. “I don’t know if he took that offer or not.”

Kane has never grown a mustache. The closest he’s come is part of the traditional beard during the NHL postseason. He was asked what he thinks his chances of growing a decent one were.

“Not very good,” he said. “If it [goes] anywhere I think I’m going to have to dye it. It’s going to be tough. I’m sure Carcillo will probably dominate me on this one but I’ll give it an attempt.”

Carcillo stopped short of declaring victory. In fact he downplayed his mustache growing prowess.

“Mine isn’t too thick,” he said. “Maybe by week two or three you’ll see mine come out. Should be an even race.”

Both agreed its for a good cause so a little self deprecation is worth it.

“[Goalie Ray] Emery has a good one going,” Kane said. “Its [Kane’s] probably going to be pretty creepy…We’ll see what the girls reaction will be.”