Kane flaunts stick-handling skills in video

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane wasn’t exactly sure he’d be able to perform what Bauer was asking him to do in a recent video shoot.

Bauer’s plan was to showcase Kane’s stick-handling ability by placing a growing amount of pucks inside a circle and have him continuously handle a puck around them all.

“When they had the idea and told me how many pucks were going to be in the circle, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it,’” Kane said Friday. “But I tried it with a few and said, ‘Why not throw all of them in there and see if I can do it? If not, we’ll stop it.’

“But, yeah, it was cool. It was fun. To see the final product, it was awesome.”

The final product was released Friday, and it didn’t take long for the video to make its way around social media and create a buzz.

The video begins with Kane handling one puck around four closely-placed pucks for about 10 seconds. He then operates one puck around about 20 pucks for 25 seconds. Finally, he handles a puck around about 40 pucks for 20-plus seconds. The video closes with Kane lifting the puck on his stick and hitting into the camera. He said the only part that wasn’t real was the camera breaking at the end.

So how many takes did Kane need? His answer may be surprising.

“Not too many takes, actually,” said Kane, who endorses Bauer. “It probably took 15-20 minutes to do the whole thing. … I remember there were times I was going through and stick-handling and hit a puck and it was 20-30 seconds in, and I would be [upset] because I hit the puck and would have to start over.

“It was fun. It was fun to do something like that.”

You can watch the video here.