Derrick Rose: Patrick Kane pushes me

ST. LOUIS -- Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose made it clear Friday that there’s a mutual respect between him and Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

Rose and Kane will both look to put on a show at the Scottrade Center in the next few days as the Blackhawks and Bulls both happen to be in St. Louis at the same time. The Bulls play the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday and the Blackhawks face the St. Louis Blues on Saturday.

Kane, a basketball fan, has often spoken highly and been supportive of Rose over the years. Kane has attended a number of Bulls games.

Rose may not be as huge of a hockey fan and isn’t seen at many Blackhawks games, but Friday he sounded like someone who has seen Kane play enough to understand his ability.

“He’s a talent the way that he skates, how he is on the ice and the way he is able to play an aggressive game and still be productive in games,” Rose said after the Bulls’ shootaround Friday. “Even if the physicality of the game is a little bit more than he expects, he’s still able to play.”

Kane and Rose share a lot of the same fans because of their entertaining styles. The two players have also been linked together because they’re within a month of each other in age -- Rose turned 26 on Oct. 4 and Kane will turn 26 on Nov. 19 -- and both began their professional careers in Chicago at nearly the same time. Kane was a rookie in the 2007-08 season and Rose was one in the 2008-09 season.

Rose said he’s been following Kane’s career since early on and has even motivated by seeing what Kane has done with the Blackhawks.

“I think everybody knows Patrick Kane for what he did so young,” Rose said. “I know I’ve been hearing about him since we came in together. I’m a fan. He’s pushing me along with him. He’s pushing me.”

Kane and Rose also have something else in common -- the same building address. Both own condos in the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. Rose said he rarely sees Kane, though.

“I live in his building with him and I see his mom more than I see him,” Rose said. “Who knows what he’s doing? You just know he’s doing something right. He getting where he’s supposed to be. Career-wise, he’s playing like he’s supposed to be.”