Rozsival: Tough end for me, unbelievable for team

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Michal Rozsival is getting around with the Stanley Cup in a different fashion.

Rozsival fractured his left ankle against the Minnesota Wild in the second round and has been in a boot since undergoing surgery. To remain mobile and keep up with the team’s Stanley Cup celebrations, he’s been using a knee scooter.

“I’ve been around and enjoying the whole thing,” Rozsival said at the United Center on Wednesday. “It’s a great feeling to be around and spending it with the guys, even though I wasn't playing. To be there and kind of celebrating the whole season with the Cup, I’ve been enjoying it very much.

“It was a tough end to my season. It’s an unbelievable end to the team’s season. I couldn't be happier for this team to end the season with a championship.”

Rozsival had a painful end to his season when he rolled his left ankle and fractured it while getting back on a play against the Wild in Game 4 of their series on May 7. Rozsival immediately knew his injury was severe.

“I knew it was pretty bad right away,” Rozsival said. “I looked down at my skate and I saw my ankle in a different angle than it’s supposed to be. I knew right away it was bad. It is what it is. I’m just glad it’s something I can recover from and be back playing.

Rozsival was given a 12 to 16 week recovery timetable after his surgery. Rozsival, who will turn 37 in September, plans to play next season and would like to return to the Blackhawks.

“All the indications are that I’ll be able to heal and recover 100 percent,” Rozsival said. “That’s what I’m kind of banking, that’s what I’m doing – rehabbing.

“I’m hoping to be back and playing again next year somewhere. Of course, I hope it can be here. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, definitely hoping. This is definitely the place to play. I won two Cups here. I waited a long time to get my first one, and all of a sudden I have two in three years playing here. I’d definitely like to be here if it’s at all possible. We’ll see what happens.”

Rozsival was proud of the way the Blackhawks’ top four defensemen stepped up without him. He even joked about how much he was missed.

“Me not playing, I think I heard my name more often than I was playing,” Rozsival said with a laugh.