Agent: I 'totally believe' Patrick Kane is innocent in assault case

Pat Brisson, the agent for Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, said Tuesday he believes Kane is innocent of any crime as Kane continues to be investigated in an alleged sexual assault at his home in Hamburg, New York.

“I totally believe [Kane],” Brisson said by phone. “He’s always been honest with me. I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve been doing this a long time as a sports agent. You get to know people and get to know the character of an individual. Spending more time with Patrick over this situation, I do believe he is innocent.”

Brisson confirmed that a grand jury had been scheduled to begin meeting Tuesday, but the proceedings were postponed. A source told The Associated Press that hearings have been pushed back by about two weeks.

Brisson was unable to provide any further update. He said he, Kane and Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, are in contact on a daily basis.

“I’m not a defense lawyer or a criminal lawyer,” Brisson said. “I just follow the advice of our legal counsel at this point.”

Brisson said the investigation had taken a toll on Kane over the past month.

“It’s been difficult to say the least,” Brisson said. “Basically when you spend more time in your house than outside and you can’t really go to the rink like you have your normal life. It’s been difficult. It’s been hard. At the same time, I know he’s looking forward to this being over with.”

Brisson was unsure whether Kane would attend Blackhawks training camp. The defending champs open camp at the University of Notre Dame on Sept. 18.

“We are going to decide as we get closer here,” Brisson said. “We’re going to take it a step at a time. It’s too premature to tell.”