Rose, the pitchman, strikes again

CHICAGO -- Derrick Rose is trying to give Peyton Manning a run for his money this season.

The Chicago Bulls All-Star point guard tried to tell everyone on media day that, like Manning, he would be appearing in a lot of commercials this season. Here is the first example of Rose's new-found exposure as a company pitchman. As part of the launch of his new Adidas AdiZero Rose signature shoe, the 22-year-old recently paired up with actor Ken Jeong ("The Hangover," "Knocked Up,") to film a series of commercials earlier this summer.

While Rose admitted he had fun with the shoot, he was quick to add that he is still focused on a delivering a winner to Chicago, despite all the new acting opportunities.

"It was a commercial," he said with a laugh. "I'm a basketball player. Things like that, if it wasn't for Adidas, I wouldn't be doing it. It was a great commercial. I had great fun being with Ken Jeong. He's a good guy, too, funny, ... he knows his sports, basketball, definitely, knows all the players, knows how I played. He's definitely one of the best actors right now."

When asked why he didn't sing in the commercial, as Dwight Howard did in an earlier version, Rose smiled.

"That ain't me," he said. "I'll probably give the little wink or something, but that ain't me."

Rose is going to have plenty of time to work on his acting prowess as the year progresses. In the meantime, check out his new video and see what you think ...