Derrick Rose game-time decision vs. Jazz

SALT LAKE CITY -- Derrick Rose is a game-time decision for Monday night's contest against the Utah Jazz as he continues to recover from a strained left hamstring he suffered Nov. 13. Rose has missed the Bulls' last four games.

"If it feels good enough and it's not fatiguing when I'm out there during shootaround, I think I'm going to give it a go," Rose said before Monday's shootaround. "But if not, we've got a back-to-back, so if not today, tomorrow.

"I'm very close. Very close. Just trying to really listen to my body again and really get the most out of every day, every shootaround, every practice, every training session."

Rose has missed eight games this season after missing four earlier this month because of ankle sprains. He said the pain in the hamstring is gone and that he's just trying to get back into a rhythm on the floor.

"Right now it's just playing through the fatigue," Rose said. "I guess hamstring injuries, when you hurt them, you got to wait for them to heal. You got to really test it while you're out there, and fatigue has something to do with it, so I'm just trying to see if I can play through the fatigue."

Rose remains confident that he will be able to return to a high level despite the fact he continues to miss so many games due to injuries. He is hopeful the rash of injuries won't continue to hamper him on and off throughout the season.

"Who knows? I know I can't think that way," he said. "I just got to stay positive with whatever happens, it happens, the outcome. I just got to stay consistent with all my workouts. Stay consistent with how I'm eating, how I'm hydrating, and really take care of my body right now. I know that I want to play, but I really got to listen to my body when I'm out there and just know that all my consistent work is going to put me back in a position that I was in before the injuries."

Rose is confident that his latest set of injuries has nothing to do with the surgically repaired knees that have caused him to miss so many games over the past few seasons.

"Everything tended to happen when I twisted my ankle," Rose said of his latest setbacks. "When I twisted my ankle, everything followed after that. I wouldn't say it was because of the ankle, but that's one thing you got to look at because it happened. I stepped on someone's foot [against Cleveland on Oct. 31], and during the Toronto game, I slipped and pulled my hamstring.

"So I don't think it has anything to do with the knee. I haven't had knee problems, knock on something, but I haven't had them. I'm just trying to stay positive with my train of thought."

On the rest of the Bulls' injury front, Tom Thibodeau said that veteran big man Pau Gasol was also a game-time decision for Monday as he continues to recover from a strained left calf. Gasol went through all of Sunday's practice and seemed confident about his chances of playing. Kirk Hinrich (bruised ribs) was not as confident and wasn't able to go through all of Sunday's workout. He was hoping to go through parts of Monday's shootaround, but it appears unlikely he will play against the Jazz. Bulls power forward Taj Gibson remains in Chicago as he continues to receive treatment for a sprained left ankle suffered in Friday's loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

"We'll see where they are after the shootaround," Thibodeau said of Rose, Gasol and Hinrich. "They were all pretty good [Sunday] in practice, but we'll see today. Kirk ... he did some shooting. We'll see where he is. Pau was good. Derrick was real good."