Mailbag: More time for Johnson?

Rookie James Johnson should see more playing time because of all the Bulls' injuries. AP Photo/Mike Roemer

Greetings from Orlando, everybody! The Bulls are in a world of pain right now. Literally and figuratively.

In the meantime, let's dip back into the mailbag and see what's going on:

What are your thoughts on the lack of minutes VDN [coach Vinny Del Negro] is giving James Johnson? In the few minutes he's played, he's showed flashes of potential, yet Vinny still doesn't give him more playing time. -- Konrad, Libertyville, Ill.

I think the reason is because Vinny still doesn't have a lot of confidence in him. Having said that, James is going to get an extended look over the next week because of all the injuries on the team. He will be playing a lot of the minutes that Deng was playing.

When will or is Jerome James going to play this year for the Bulls? Are the Bulls just eating up his contract? -- Jesus, Chicago

James will not be playing for the Bulls this year. He is out of shape and he will not see the floor. But, for what it's worth, he's one of the nicest guys in the league.

If the Bulls don't make the playoffs due to injuries like [Joakim] Noah's, Do you believe this hurts the lure they may have in free agency or do you think it doesn't matter that much? -- Robert, Bloomington, Ind.

Not at all. Free agents really aren't going to care at all how the Bulls finish this year. The Bulls still have D. Rose which is the best selling point of all.

Do you think the Bulls will make the playoffs this year? -- Victor, Monroe, La.

I've gotten this question a lot over the last week. If you had asked me two weeks ago, the answer was easy: Yes. Now, there is a lot more doubt. I think it boils down to this -- if Noah can come back soon and play somewhat like he did earlier in the year, then yes. If he can't (which is the most likely scenario) then no.

With the development of Taj Gibson and steady play of [Hakim] Warrick, do you think the Bulls will go after [Dwayne] Wade or Joe Johnson, or will they still try and sign [Chris] Bosh, which reports say is the most likely to leave. -- Stephen, Chicago

Stephen, like I say every week, the Bulls are going after everybody. I think Wade is their primary target, but I think they are going to try and land the best available player after that -- whoever it may be.

Do you think the Bulls will have won a game by the time we speak next week?