Pacers' physical style doesn't stop Rose

While the buzz in the United Center after the Chicago Bulls' 104-99 victory Saturday was how physical the Pacers were with Derrick Rose, the Bulls guard had just one thing on his mind.

"I feel good and can't wait to go eat," Rose said after scoring 39 points in the come-from-behind win.

Rose was 19-of-21 from the line, connecting on two more free throws than the Pacers attempted.

The number of Rose's attempts had Pacers coach Frank Vogel biting his tongue, seemingly afraid that candor could lead to a fine.

But if Vogel thought Rose got the benefit of the doubt from officials, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau felt otherwise.

"I thought Derrick was terrific all game long," Thibodeau said. "To get to the line 21 times showed his aggressiveness. He probably could have been there a lot more, too."

Thibodeau was not surprised that the Pacers were trying to make things difficult for Rose.

"That's the way it is. That's the way it's been all year," Thibodeau said. "I trust that they'll make the calls, and he'll go to the line, and 19-of-21 is very good.

"That gets their big guys in foul trouble. We have to stay aggressive and keep them in foul trouble."

The Pacers were one of the more physical teams Rose faced during the regular season, so it was no surprise to see Tyler Hansbrough's hard foul on Rose with 4:52 left in the fourth quarter. It led to Luol Deng standing up for his teammate and drawing a technical foul.

But Rose said he didn't feel beaten up afterward.

"It was pretty physical, but from my working out and lifting weights, I'm feeling fine," Rose said. "Tomorrow it may be a little different. I knew they would be that way when I went to the basket. I knew they would be physical, but I still tried to get to the basket."