Lucas takes James' dunk in stride

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Yes, John Lucas III has seen the clip. He's seen the video of LeBron James literally jumping over him in Sunday’s game to connect on an alley oop.

"Have I?" the Chicago Bulls guard asked incredulously before Monday night's game against the Washington Wizards. "My cousins, homeboys, everybody kept texting me, sending me pictures. Sending me through [websites]. It is what it is, though. It's all good."

Lucas, the son of former player and coach John Lucas Jr. has been around basketball long enough to know that sometimes bad things happen in games, especially against a player as talented as James.

"It was a good play," Lucas said. "They set a back screen, called it out. But a man came across so I had to do what any defensive player would have to do. You help your teammate, so I dropped back. When I dropped back, I thought I was there to cut it off, but hey, [stuff] happens."

Lucas knows he'll probably hear about more about the dunk in the next few days, but he'll take it all in stride.

"I got hit up a lot about it," he said. "That's all part of the game. It comes with the territory. That was a hell of a play by him. What more can you say?"

Not much. The video says enough.