Bulls Gibson: Keep Omer, add Hinrich

LAS VEGAS -- While most Bulls fans have made it clear that they don't want Gar Forman to match the three-year offer sheet worth close to $25 million that the Houston Rockets gave Omer Asik last week, Bulls forward Taj Gibson has a different viewpoint. Like his coach Tom Thibodeau, Gibson believes that Asik's value can't be judged by just stats.

"I think it's great for Omer," Gibson said Friday afternoon. "I think he deserved it. Any time you get a center, a legit 7'1 center, that can block shots, rebound, and finish around the rim at times, it's great. You don't really need him to do much, but when he does those three things very well ... I'm not surprised (at the offer)."

Gibson, who is in Las Vegas this week as part of Team USA's select team, understandably wants the Bulls to match the offer sheet.

"Of course," Gibson said. "I'd like to have our whole team come back. But in this reality, it's tough in the NBA. Guys are making moves every day. You look on your (Twitter) timeline, you look on Twitter, you look on the Internet, there's guys making moves every day and it's scary. You know that one day you're not going to be with the same guy that was on your team last year like it was before."

Gibson acknowledged that it would strange for him to come into games next season without Asik. The pair carved out a niche for themselves over the past two seasons as a defensive force.

"It would be something new," Gibson said. "It would be something really strange going on, just notice that my big guy's not there anymore. But it's the NBA, we have to adjust, we have to go and run with a new game plan and move on."

While Gibson knows he isn't the man who has to make the final decisions, one player he would love to see back at the United Center is Kirk Hinrich. The free-agent point guard would be a solid fit for the Bulls if the price is right.

"Kirk is a phenomenal player," Gibson said. "I played with Kirk my rookie year. He was phenomenal in helping me grow as a player. He was a phenomenal leader. He was one of those tough minded players that doesn't really care about much (besides) getting wins and it would be great to have Kirky back on our team but at the same time you've got to look at the aspect of it's the NBA, it's a business as a whole and I hope they can get it done because I know Kirk is a great player and it would help our team out a lot, especially right now in this season without Derrick."