Jackson's progress is lone bright spot

CHICAGO -- Don’t be surprised to see Brett Jackson unpack his bags and hang pictures on the wall in center field.

The rookie looks like he is intent on taking up permanent residence in the middle of the Wrigley Field outfield and if his progression continues at this rate, the spot could be his for a long time.

Jackson was a lone bright spot on a rough day when he hit his fourth home run as a major leaguer. All four of those long balls have come in the past nine days. It hardly mattered, though, as the Cubs were roughed up 15-4 by the Milwaukee Brewers.

There may be other, more important signs that he is settling in at the plate, though.

Awash in an avalanche of strikeouts when he first came to the big leagues, Jackson has managed to slow the pace of late. He still has 32 strikeouts in 66 at-bats, but he has struck out just twice over the past three games. Making that look even more impressive is that he has walked five times in that same amount of time.

“I’m starting to settle in and feeling some confidence with some of the adjustments we made,” Jackson said. “I’m enjoying the process and obviously it’s fun to hit home runs. I’m just going to keep working and I’m not going to stop until I’m the type of player I want to be.”