Soriano makes own pitch for Gold Glove

WASHINGTON -- With all the Darwin Barney Gold Glove talk, Alfonso Soriano said Tuesday that he would like to get some love for his defense as well.

Barney has been making a Gold Gove statement with a streak of 119-consecutive errorless games, heading into Tuesday’s contest. Soriano has his own streak he’s proud of after not committing an error all season in left field.

In fact, of the six qualifying left fielders in the major leagues, Soriano is the only one who has not recorded an error. He has played the second most games of the six qualifiers and was error-free in 215 total chances before Tuesday’s contest.

So does Soriano think he can win the award?

“I don’t know because I never have been in that competition,” said Soriano, who then proceeded to throw out a runner advancing to third base in the first inning. “We’ll see with 30 more games left.”

The way Soriano sees it, his biggest competition for the Gold Glove in left field is Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Jason Kubel of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks’ Gerrardo Parra won the Gold Glove for left fielders last season.

What figures to hurt Soriano’s Gold Glove chances is his limited range. He also doesn’t always make the best decisions on where to throw the ball.

But the new Gold Glove rule change works in his favor. Instead of picking three outfielders from each league regardless of position, starting last season the Gold Glove was awarded by position.

Adding intrigue is that Soriano’s contract calls for a $75,000 bonus if he wins a Gold Glove Award. The best part is that Soriano didn’t even know about the bonus until a friend called him about it recently.

So really now, does Soriano think he can win the Gold Glove?

“I think so if I can play how I play now,” he said. “If my defense keeps staying like that I have a chance because so far I think my defense is perfect.”