Cubs players getting into the NFL spirit

PITTSBURGH -- To mark the occasion of the first Sunday of NFL football, Chicago Cubs players will wear an NFL Football jersey of their choice on the flight from Pittsburgh to Houston on Sunday night.

The themed flight is in the interest of bonding, just like the previous super-hero flight was, but while that one proved to be a popular and creative affair, the NFL day doesn’t seem to be met with the same energy.

Many players were set to wear jerseys of their favorite teams. Florida native Anthony Rizzo was sporting a throwback Dan Marino jersey, while Baltimore native Steve Clevenger had Ray Rice of the Ravens and Virginia native Shawn Camp had Robert Griffin III of the Redskins.

However, most Cubs players didn’t purchase their NFL jerseys in time, leaving them with few options.

So what will be the most represented NFL team when the Cubs board their flight?

There might be as many as 10 Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys being worn by Cubs players since that is what is most readily available in Pittsburgh when you’re shopping at the last minute.

Among the Cubs players going with Steelers duds is Jeff Samardzija, who originally intended to wear the uniform of his favorite team, the Bears, or a jersey of his favorite player, Randy Moss. His last-minute shopping left him with a Franco Harris throwback.

Another reluctant wearer of Steelers black is the newest member of the team Jason Berken, who is a Green Bay Packers season-ticket holder. It’s easy to forgive Berken, though, since he just joined the Cubs on Saturday.

San Francisco 49ers fan Brett Jackson will be wearing a Drew Brees New Orleans Saints jersey. Why? Clevenger picked up a jersey for him while the team was in Washington D.C., and not only was a 49ers uniform not available, but a Ravens fan wasn’t about to purchase Redskins garb.