Baez victim of a 'classic' spring prank

MESA, Ariz. -- Although he's a hot-shot No. 1 pick of the Chicago Cubs, shortstop Javier Baez isn't immune to the rookie treatment.

Baez's teammates -- apparently led by Matt Garza -- dressed up his car on Monday for what one Cub described as a "classic spring training prank."

As the Cubs took batting practice inside Hohokam Park workers were decorating his bumper with a "Rookie on Board" sticker and a Major League Baseball logo on the back end.

"We came back from batting practice and everyone was walking out so I was like 'What's going on outside?' Then I saw the car and figured out it was mine. I was like 'Is that my car?' And they started taking pictures of me," Baez said Wednesday morning. "It wasn't bad. I didn't get mad or anything. You have to understand you just got here (to the team) and have to be ready for anything."

Outfielder David DeJesus said there was no major reason for picking on Baez and it was all in good fun.

"You don't want to hear the rookie's names in the meetings and we heard him a couple times so we had to do something," DeJesus said. "We're going through the dog days of spring training so may as well have fun."

Baez already had the stickers taken off but had to drive the car "for a while." He harbors no hard feelings.

"I think it was Garza. That's how they show the love and really good teammates," he said. "Whatever they're going to do to you they're going to do."