Brenly comes 'home' with Diamondbacks

Bob Brenly is enjoying his new gig with Arizona, but he'll always have fond memories of Chicago. Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

CHICAGO -- Former Chicago Cubs television analyst Bob Brenly returned to Wrigley Field on Friday to broadcast for the Arizona Diamondbacks in familiar surroundings.

Brenly had worked Cubs games with Len Kasper for eight years before leaving after the 2012 season. Brenly was hoping to return, but a disagreement over contract length with WGN directed him back to Arizona, where he managed the Diamondbacks to the 2001 World Series title. He signed a four-year deal to broadcast games with new partner Steve Berthiaume.

The comfortable yet informative style of announcing is just an extension of Brenly's personality.

"It is always good coming back to Chicago," Brenly said. "I felt that way as a player, as a coach and broadcaster. There is no place like Wrigley Field and no place like Wrigleyville. It is like home seeing all the familiar faces and people I spent a lot of time with over the last eight years."

Brenly actually got his start in broadcasting with Hall of Fame third baseman Ron Santo and Thom Brenneman in 1990 doing Cubs radio broadcasts before beginning his coaching career.

The Brenly family kept a home in Arizona during his time in Chicago.

"We have had a home there since 1997," he said. "Being there is nice, my wife is very comfortable around her friends and family. Professionally it has been an adjustment. Anytime you work somewhere eight years you kind of get set in your ways. There have been some adjustments to be made but this has been a fun team to watch play."

Brenly would not count out a return to Chicago in the future.

"I miss my partner Len Kasper a lot, but life goes on," Brenly said. "There are always new challenges.The broadcasts were exciting when they had good teams, and to be honest the last couple seasons were tough because the teams didn't perform very well. We did a broadcast that suited the type of team that was on the field, and I think the fans enjoyed that more than us sitting there and beating up the team."

Getting used to a new partner has been fun and hard work for Brenly.

"If I had his energy and his approach to the game it would probably be the best broadcast in the history of baseball," he said. "He is really prepared and excited about his new gig. I think he is going to develop into one of the good ones."

Brenly has not forgotten his Chicago connection.

"I loved my time here and the people I worked with," Brenly said. "I don't anticipate returning to work here, but you never say never to anything."