Mailbag: Donnie Murphy

MILWAUKEE -- The mailbag is full of questions for infielder Donnie Murphy as the August call-up from Triple-A Iowa has been on fire since his arrival, though he’s in a 0-for-11 slump currently.

He has 10 home runs and 20 RBI in 121 at-bats this season and has been the Cubs' best clutch hitter of late.

Is this year the pinnacle of your career? You're killing the ball and playing good defense. Could it get any better? Congratulations on a great year.

Larry (Konya, Turkey)

Donnie Murphy: I guess so. It’s been about opportunity more than anything. I think that’s made a huge difference. Getting four at-bats every day. That’s helped out putting up the numbers I have so far.

I loved it when [Anthony] Rizzo and [Darwin] Barney used the "Murphed" one out reference to home runs. To what do you attribute your recent power surge?

(Jim, San Antonio)

DM: Just getting good pitches to hit and not missing them. I think Wrigley has a little bit to do with it, even though sometimes it doesn’t always blow out there. I think it’s just about the good pitches.

Do you gravitate more towards the younger guys you played with at the start of the year in Triple-A or towards the veterans?

Jeremy (Israel)

DM: It’s not so much about that. I gravitate to guys that have similar personalities like mine. We have a lot on this team.

Do you like the nickname “Donnie Baseball”?

Peter (Peoria, Ariz.)

DM: There’s one other person (Don Mattingly) in this game with that nickname, and he had a great career, so of course I’m going to like it. It’s awesome.

If you get 500 at-bats next season with the Cubs what do you think you could do?

Tim (Daytona Beach, Fla.)

DM: I always tell people the numbers I put up in the minor leagues I feel like I could put in the majors. Similar numbers if I was given a full-time opportunity. I’m not going to go crazy and say 30 home runs because that’s just dreaming. I’d hold my own. Maybe .260-ish and in between 15 and 20 home runs. That’s what I think.

Who is the most-fun teammate to pull a prank on?

Jerry (Milan, Ill.)

DM: Really not sure who on this team, but in the minors this year, there is a guy named Tim Torres. He would believe anything. He was probably the most gullible person I’ve ever been around, so any little thing he would believe you no matter what. So, anyway, to mess with him and get a reaction of him, that was the most fun.”

What’s it like playing on a rebuilding team with so many young players?

Michael (West Lafayette, Ind.)

DM: It’s fun because I was once where they are in their career. To see how they develop, like Junior Lake, it’s fun to watch.