Edwin Jackson on Sterling: 'It's sad'

CINCINNATI -- It might be a different sport, but like everyone else, Chicago Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson watched the saga that played out with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with plenty of interest.

“Basketball commissioner [Adam Silver] stepped up," Jackson said after Sterling was banned for life from the NBA on Tuesday. "He did a great job. Racism is in the world. It’s the way some people think. It’s something people have been dealing with forever, and it’s probably something that will never go away.”

Chicago is not immune to the issues. Former manager Dusty Baker and outfielder Jacque Jones used to receive racist letters from angry fans, but Jackson said it’s hard to imagine those kinds of words or feelings coming from within your own team or organization.

"It’s a sad situation," he said. "Doesn’t matter what sport. It can happen. Is it the first time that it’s happened? Who knows? Maybe it’s just the first time it’s been put out publicly for everyone to see and hear."

Jackson isn’t sure how he would react if he was put in the situation the Clippers’ players are in, save for the obvious.

"You don’t know until you go through it,” Jackson stated. “Clearly, you would be upset."

Jackson was surprised an owner of a professional sports team would say such things but knows there are those who think the same way – and always will be.

"Some people believe that strongly," he said.