Hoyer on Garza: On us to 'flip that script'

CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said his team is in no position to respond to former players like pitcher Matt Garza when they criticize the organization's rebuilding efforts.

"We have to deal with those comments," Hoyer said Friday morning before the Cubs played the St. Louis Cardinals. "I really don't feel like until we're winning we can comment on it. It's his opinion, he expressed it."

Garza was traded from the Cubs to the Texas Rangers last season before signing a four-year, $50 million deal with the Milwaukee Brewers over the winter. He beat the Cubs 5-2 last Friday in his first game against his former team. Afterwards, he expressed his feelings on being on a winning team instead of the rebuilding Cubs.

"When you go through three years of constantly hoping (to win) you kind of run out of hope," Garza said.

Later he told reporters he said he told former teammate Jeff Samardzija to "pitch your way out of there." Samardzija is one year away from free agency and is rumored to be on the trade block this season.

Hoyer, whose Cubs enter play Friday with a 9-17 record, said he wasn't going to let the comments get to him.

"Garza got his payday," Hoyer said. "He's on a team that's winning. I guess he feels like he's in a position right now to make comments. It's on us now to flip that script. To show we're a place that people want to be. It doesn't really bother me."

Garza isn't the only former Cub to express his happiness for being in a winning situation. The Cubs traded Alfonso Soriano last season to the New York Yankees.

"At my age I want to win," Soriano said last month when he faced he Cubs. "I don't want to be part of the future, I want to be part of the present."