Q & A with Cubs manager Mike Quade

Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade had his media briefing on Tuesday and addressed some issues for the 2011 season.

On satisfying Cubs fans: “My expectations are normally higher than the fans’ [expectations]. Now, their reactions to those expectations may be a better question. I go in with high expectations, and realistically make adjustments along the way.”

On the frustration of a long World Series drought: ”Having lived there, and having had the Chicago experience most of my life, I understand the angst. But I have to stay focused about getting the most out of my club every day.”

On fans who may be disappointed that Ryne Sandberg didn’t get his job: “I don’t blame them, and I get it. It’s a heck of a deal when you have a guy who meant so much to the city.”

On what he gained from his six-week experience as interim manager in 2010: “I learned a lot about myself those last six weeks. The veterans played hard and the kids were great. I needed to find out in my mind [whether I could manage at this level]. I believed I could do it, but I learned a lot. I just need to continue to prove it to myself. The fans have always appreciated hard work and a good job, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On his biggest challenge as a new manager: “The communication and the stuff you have to deal with -- with players making a ton of money, many with huge egos. That’s the challenge. The game is the game. You match wits with Tony La Russa and that’s a challenge. And that’s fun. But the stuff that you go through on a regular basis at Triple-A or Double-A is not dealing with Demp and Z and Marlon. That was the thing I needed to find out. If my approach, and the way I go about my business, is something that they would accept and respond to.”

Quade, like most of the Cubs family, will be leaving the Winter Meetings and flying back to Chicago on Thursday to attend funeral services for Cubs icon Ron Santo on Thursday and Friday.