Twitter mailbag: Dexter Fowler

MESA, Ariz. -- New Chicago Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler took some time to answer your Twitter questions in this player mailbag. Follow Jesse Rogers (@ESPNChiCubs) to join in on the next one.

Fowler: I didn't have to go up there too many times. I went up there twice against Josh Hamilton. I caught it. No injuries. One time I fell on my knee and the other time just ran it down.

DF: I don't have a goal. Run when I get a green light and steal a lot of them. Have to stay healthy.

DF: Ken Griffey Jr. That's why I wear 24. Griffey is my guy.

DF: They're unbelievable. They're very loyal. And there are a lot of them. I remember playing for Colorado, it was like an away game for us when we played the Cubs at home.

DF: Just a leadoff guy that can get on-base and hit for some power. Maybe I can run down some balls but they say my defense is awful. Sabermetrics. My UZR has me awful. I was like, 'Really?'

DF: We had some expectations in Colorado but we didn't live up to them. We had one of the better lineups in baseball, but we just didn't live up to it. I think I can handle it here.

DF: Come watch the game and you tell me how bad I am. Or if I'm bad. I'll discuss it if I'm bad.