Anthony Rizzo Twitter mailbag: Be ready to hit

MESA, Ariz. -- This week’s Twitter mailbag features Chicago Cubs first baseman and All-Star Anthony Rizzo:

Rizzo: I played football and baseball. I quit football my junior year when I hurt my leg. I played tight end and defensive end.

Rizzo: I don’t know yet. You guys will have to wait and find out. I’m still figuring it out myself. But I’ll have one.

Rizzo: If someone is a captain he has earned the respect of his teammates and the organization, all of his peers. It’s a responsibility that comes along with the territory of hard work. It’s not something I think about at all.

Rizzo: The biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone is ‘see the ball, hit the ball.’ And be ready to hit. Lefty, righty, whatever. Be ready when the pitch is coming and if you see it, hopefully everything else takes care of itself.

Rizzo: No, I haven’t done a thing on it (sarcastic and laughing). Of course, been doing a lot of Core work. Just have to stay on top of it throughout the season.

Rizzo: I would bring a knife for survival. Same with water and I guess an iPod.

Rizzo: The biggest difference is we’re a year older. It’s another year for the young guys getting to grow up, including myself. Castro getting to grow up. And then bringing in some real veteran presence here, it’s nice to have that after a few years. And everyone is more excited.

Rizzo: Just keep going about my business. My expectations for myself are higher than anyone else can put on me. Just never satisfied.

Rizzo: Zero faith. None. For me the game is all feel. Every situation dictates itself. In game situations that the average person and even the numbers may not get. But at the end of the day, I know those numbers don’t lie, but I don’t pay attention at all.

Rizzo: The biggest factor is balls falling in. Honestly. You can’t control everything. I’ve liked my approach the last two years but sure I’ve understood my swing as things have gone on. The biggest thing is consistency. I have to stay more consistent. Next step is being a better teammate. It doesn’t matter how I do, it matters if we win.

Rizzo: I would probably say myself. Yeah, I’m an idiot. Oh, wait. Junior Lake. I forgot about him. He’s hilarious.

Rizzo: I would rather not answer that one.

Rizzo: I would say Citi Field in New York. It’s New York. I love New York. It’s always fun going there. I have some family in New Jersey and I’m just a big fan of the field.

Rizzo: The Marlins. I’m from there so I followed them the most. Gary Sheffield was the guy I followed the most.