5 questions with... Jake Arrieta

Cubs starter Jake Arrieta is hoping to build off his last successful season. AP Photo/Morry Gash

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta took time to answer five pressing questions at spring training.

1. What pitch would you like to steal from another pitcher?

JA: Man, that’s a tough one. Let’s say Aroldis Chapman's heater.

2. You’ve been in the National League now for about a year and a half. Who’s the toughest hitter you’ve faced?

JA: Andrew McCutcheon of the Pirates. It’s not that he’s gotten to me too bad, but just tough at-bats. Super quick hands, gets to the ball inside, covers the ball away. You have to be ready for a battle when he steps into the box.

3. What’s the worst road city?

JA: Gotta be Cincinnati. There’s just nothing to do there. Not much going on.

4. Tell us one thing we don’t know about quiet teammate Kyle Hendricks.

JA: Hendricks is a scratch golfer but he doesn’t like golf. His dad is a golf pro, and Kyle is really good but he doesn’t like it. Figure that one out. He played growing up. I’ve never heard of a scratch golfer not liking the game, so he’s an idiot.

5. Recently you saw the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with teammate Jason Hammel and your wives. Review the movie.

JA: Low-budget. Feel like the acting was pretty elementary. Kind of forced. I expected more. I was kind of left disappointed.