Joe Maddon on Edwin Jackson getting lost: 'I wasn't happy with it'

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon wasn't happy pitcher Edwin Jackson was late for his scheduled start against the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday after Jackson got lost finding Hohokam Park in Mesa just miles from where the Cubs currently train.

"That was not good," Maddon said Wednesday afternoon. "You have a lot of time to prepare and understand where you're going as a major league person."

Jackson went to Oakland's old spring home in Phoenix, blaming Google maps for the mistake, before realizing he was in the wrong place. By the time he arrived back in Mesa it was too late to warm-up for the beginning of the game. Instead, Jackson entered in the second inning and subsequently got rocked by the A's.

"To me it was about approach and the mixing of his pitches," Maddon said. "Yesterday (Tuesday) was much more predictable. And that speaks to preparation. When you get there and you're supposed to start and all of a sudden you come in, in the second inning what does that do for your prep work? I would have been surprised if he nailed it."

Jackson lasted just 1.2 innings while giving up nine hits and eight runs. Afterwards, he said he wouldn't blame his performance on being late, just declaring it was "one of those days."

"I wasn't happy with it, to be honest with you," Maddon reiterated. "He's not a good kid. He's a great kid. I love the guy but that just can't happen."

Jackson is fighting for a roster spot despite being owed $22 million over the next two years. His ERA was 6.33 last season in 27 starts. After Tuesday his ERA this spring is 7.59 over four appearances.