After frustrating wait, Cubs/Reds game postponed

CINCINNATI -- A frustrating day in Cincinnati on Saturday ended four hours and 13 minutes after it was supposed to begin as the Reds finally postponed their game against the Cubs due to rain.

"The weather forecast has been so inconsistent all day, there was no way not to believe that it was not going to rain anymore," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said after the postponement. "I was originally told we were going to play at 2 p.m. then 3:15 p.m. then 4 p.m."

It never happened, causing Saturday's starter, Jake Arrieta, to vent during the long delay.

Maddon was quick to praise the umpires for trying to get the game played while asking them to give the Cubs a 40-minute warning. That's how long Arrieta needs for proper warm-up, according to Maddon.

"When you don't have a specific game time its hard to get into that groove," Maddon said.

Luckily, Arrieta never threw a pitch so he'll start on Sunday as Maddon will just push his rotation back a day. The Reds say they'll stay with their Saturday starter Anthony DeSclafani as well. There was some curiosity as to why the Reds waited so long to call the game as a 4-plus hour delay is unusual.

"I know they wanted to get it done for the full house," Maddon said. "I get that."

The Reds were celebrating the 15th anniversary of their 1990 World Championship team but there was nowhere near a full house in attendance as rain and cold dominated area weather.

"I understand that played somewhat into the delay," Maddon said.

Maddon wasn't critical of the Reds saying everyone has "their own house to keep," but there was frustration on everyone's part, including fans that did show up, many of whom sat in the rain and 48 degree temperatures.

"That's the way it works sometimes," Maddon said. "The umpires did a great job in the end of trying to put this whole thing together."

There was no makeup date announced for the rainout. The Cubs won Friday's game 7-3 in 11 innings and the two teams will complete the series on Sunday afternoon.