Player mailbag: Miguel Montero

ST. LOUIS -- Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Montero answers your questions in this week's Twitter mailbag:

Miguel Montero: Not really, maybe a guy that I know well. Like maybe Justin Upton or Dan Haren when he would come up to hit as a pitcher. And it depends on the situation as well but you don't say much. We both have jobs to do.

MM: I'm not that surprised. He's a smart hitter and he's not chasing out of the strike zone. He has a good approach at the plate and they know he can hit and can do some real damage. So they pitch carefully to him. Not that surprised.

MM: I don't know. Maybe race car driver.

MM: I think Jake Arrieta. He's got four-plus pitches. I can't tell you which one is the best, they all are. His cutter is really good. Sometimes it looks like a slider and sometimes like a true cutter. Either way it's just a good pitch. The nastiest I ever caught was probably Haren in his prime.

MM: I have to think about that one. Probably Pedro Strop. He has some moves.

MM: I always run out every walk. Since I came to the big leagues. I try to respect the pitchers. Even if they walk me intentional I like to show respect to the other team. I like to run out. I don't like to pimp walks.