Five non-pressing Chicago Cubs questions that need answers

Reliever Pedro Strop wears his cap crooked -- a practice he says he's always done. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

CHICAGO -- Maybe you've been wondering these things all season. Or maybe you're new to the resurgent Chicago Cubs and a few items have been bugging you. Either way, here are five answers to some not-so-pressing questions about the team, winners of 11 of their last 12 games.

Why do Cubs hitters rub their helmets when they reach base?

It started with utility man Jonathan Herrera poking fun at teammate Starlin Castro.

"When Castro laughs he kind of rubs his face and head," Herrera said. "So we do it on the bases. That's where that comes from."

Why don't relievers sitting in the bullpen move when a foul ball comes their way?

Bullpen catcher Chad Noble is the driving force behind this macho game by the relievers -- and he has the bruises to show for it. The goal is not to flinch when a foul ball comes screaming down there. If it hits you it hits you. Otherwise you look cool as it whizzes by, according to Noble.

Why is Chris Coghlan hitting third lately?

Joe Maddon likes stacking the lefties with Coghlan hitting between Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo to force the opposition to make harder choices later in the game. If a lefty comes in to face the trio Maddon will pinch-hit Chris Denorfia for Coghlan forcing the opposing manager to choose to pitch to him -- he's a .290 career hitter versus lefties -- or waste another pitcher and perhaps one more if he wants to bring a lefty back in to face Rizzo. It's not something Maddon is married to but as long as Coghlan is having good at-bats he likes it.

Why does third base coach Gary Jones chew on a toothpick while the Cubs are hitting?

"I used to gobble sunflower seeds but they make me sick," Jones said. "The other day I had some salad that had some sunflower seeds and it made me sick. I can't eat them."

"I don't chew tobacco. I tried gum but kept biting my lip so I went with a toothpick."

Jones hit the ground hard after a foul ball earlier this season. What happened to the toothpick?

"Stayed right in my mouth," he said.

Why does reliever Pedro Strop wear his hat crooked.

Strop didn't have a good reason for it. He's just always done it.

"I don't know why," he said. "I know some people don't like it but it's just something I've always done."