Twitter mailbag: What happens to Starlin Castro?

CHICAGO -- The Cubs have the day off on Monday, so time to answer some lingering questions:

JR: 1) 10 percent, 2) 85 percent, 3) 30 percent

Couple caveats. We might define stud pitcher differently but of the "good" free agents I believe the Cubs will get one. I think they go big and get David Price. As for Montero my initial inclination is they'll try to trade him and hand the job to Kyle Schwarber with David Ross mentoring and playing twice a week. But they could bring back all three catchers with Schwarber continuing to split time behind the plate and in left field. I know they don't want to wear down Montero - or Schwarber for that matter -- so it could work. Chris Coghlan might simply become the super utility guy Joe Maddon likes to have on his roster. I don't think anything has been decided but the Montero question is a good one.

JR: Yes, I think Castro will be moved. My guess is it will be a mutual thing. He'll want to play shortstop and there will be teams in need though his value has plummeted. Even his agent said a change of scenery might be a good thing. That's a natural thought after a rough year. I suppose there's a small chance (10 percent) he returns as the starting second baseman but I just don't see it.

JR: If I had a nickel for every time I got this question. There's no doubt it's Arrieta. None. If everyone is rested he has the best chance to shut an opponent down. It's not that Lester can't do it but it wouldn't be putting your best out there. Simple as that. I would imagine in his heart-of-hearts Lester might agree with it as hard as that might be for a competitor.

JR: Considering they only have to play .500 ball the rest of the way and they have yet to have a losing month you would have to take the over now. They might get there easily at this rate. They'll probably have one more dip in play but knowing Joe Maddon it won't last very long. A lot different than my 80-82 prediction, that's for sure.

JR: Very good question but I'm not sure it would matter because what we also know now is that the Cardinals aren't giving in. It's still a longshot for the Cubs to win the division unless they keep up this pace. That's not likely - but not impossible. My point being there was a decent chance at the deadline the Cubs were going to make the postseason as a wild card, just as it is now, so whatever the answer was at that time is still the same now. Of course, if the Cubs win Game 163 they could use a David Price or Johnny Cueto but we knew that back then.  They could always use them but would it be worth it? I guess I'm saying if you didn't think it was right thing to do then, it's probably still not the right thing - and vice versa.

JR: Don't have a strong feeling on it but in this case they could do it. He is the clear leader. Not sure they need to advertise it that way and I'm guessing he would be uncomfortable with it. Does it really matter? I don't know. It doesn't feel like a Theo Epstein or Joe Maddon thing to do.

JR: Unsure but it doesn't sound promising. Even when he was active he wasn't the same pitcher as last year and Maddon wasn't using as more than a mop up guy. Might just be a lost season for him.

JR: I don't need to confirm. There's no way the Cubs have planned that out. They have four off days, a doubleheader and 46 games left. If they don't skip anyone, etc. then yes Lester would be in line for it. But there are so many variables at play. Do they have a shot at the division? If so, you better believe they'll do some skipping to get Lester and Jake Arrieta some more starts. Or maybe they get extra rest if they've clinched the wild card early but can't win the division. Too soon for anything to be in stone.