Joe Maddon on AC/DC: 'They totally messed up our infield'

CHICAGO – Business and baseball collided at Wrigley Field as Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon complained about conditions in the infield after a recent concert. Others have expressed concern over the brand new outfield grass.

“Since the AC/DC concert we’ve had a little bit of trouble,” Maddon said after the Cubs' 9-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday. "I don’t know if they [the band] were out there taking ground balls in 9-inch heels.”

The subject came up Monday after an error by second baseman Starlin Castro, which Maddon blamed on a bad hop.

“They totally messed up our infield,” Maddon said. “I’ve seen a bad hop at third, a bad hop at second. Prior to that I’ve not seen one bad hop all year.”

It’s unclear how much the infield was affected by the concert held last week but the Cubs completely ripped up the outfield grass and replaced it with new sod. There have been more complaints about the new outfield grass.

“Infield is OK,” Castro said. “The grass on the outfield is bad. … It’s not even. Some long, some short. It’s not what it used to be.”

Castro isn’t the only player to express concern over the outfield grass. Players are hopeful there won’t be any issues heading into the postseason. And Castro didn’t believe his error was caused by a bad hop anyway. He said he let the ball play him and wasn’t able to knock it down to make a play at first base.

“You better have a good infield,” he said. “If it’s bad you’re going to be in trouble.”